Keller Williams Realty Preston

Brodie came to a professional crossroads in 2004. A successful salesperson with Keller Williams, he was offered the chance to comanage a nearby office. “I decided to go the management route,” anxious to test leadership theories he’d studied and ready for the challenge of recruiting. He hasn’t regretted the move. Brodie now manages a Dallas office that he’s grown from about 300 associates in late 2004 to more than 530 today. He’s become a star recruiter and trainer. 

LEAD THROUGH SERVICE: A disciple of leadership guru John C. Maxwell, Brodie leads by demonstrating that he wants to help people do well. He routinely walks around his office talking to salespeople to see what they need from him and he encourages them to take a business approach to real estate. 

NO PRESSURE: The son of a successful real estate pro, Brodie says he hasn’t felt pressured to emulate his dad, Mike. To other striving progeny from real estate families, he advises: “Stay true to yourself.”