Terry L. Zimmerman Jr.

The Carlin Company
5653 State Route 15
Bryan, OH 43506
United States
Ohio US

“Pick one high-dollar listing and set a goal to sell it within a year.”

This small-town pro racked up 105 transactions last year, worth $14.2 million in sales, by expanding his territory to cover two counties.

Going once, twice: A licensed auctioneer, Zimmerman supervises 10 auctions of estates and farms yearly, which helps him increase his leads, sales volume, and company visibility. So far only a small percent of his total sales volume comes from auctions but it’s steadily increasing, he says. He recently auctioned a $600,000 farm.

Domino effect: An executive bought an $800,000 home measuring 6,000 square feet with an indoor pool, barn, and 100 acres. The price paid was more than five times Zimmerman’s usual $150,000 listing. Zimmerman got to know the buyer well and convinced him to relocate his company to Bryan. Zimmerman handled the sale of the $450,000 office building, as well as several houses for relocated employees.

Moral: Don’t just ask for the sale. Ask what other sales may be next.