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Learning to Slow Down

Sian Murphy, 29, has always been competitive. She was an athlete growing up, and her will to win has served her well in a red-hot market. But patience? That’s something she’s had to learn. “Being in real estate tests you,” says Murphy. “When I got into the business, I had little to no patience. Now, I have people tell me I’m one of the most patient people they know.” Murphy left a coveted job, organizing events for the 2014 Sochi Olympics with the U.S. skiing and snowboarding teams, when she recognized a desire to be her own boss. In real estate, she has learned to enjoy the day-to-day successes. She’s better at recognizing when matters need immediate attention and when to back off. “Being patient make me a better advocate for my clients,” she says. “It’s all about frame of mind. I have my system. I’m not selling a home. I’m building a relationship with someone.”