Associate Broker
Keller Williams
Birmingham, Mich.


2022 Individual Sales Volume: $18 million
2022 Transaction Sides: 105

Operating Without Limits

Even as he prepared applications to pursue a graduate degree in physical therapy, Sean Konja questioned whether that was his calling. He had toyed with the idea of going into real estate, realizing his potential would be less restricted. “I loved the fact that it is kind of limitless,” says Konja, 29. “I’m not afraid of hard work, and I figured I’d rather do something where I could work as hard as I wanted to and build [my business] up a little quicker.”

Konja’s specialty is listings, and most of his business comes from sellers who have not been able to sell their home or have given up hope. He reaches out to expired listings but also receives many referrals, having become known as an agent who can get the job done.

Konja has built his business with a commitment to ethics and professionalism, and he’s come to love the opportunities his career provides. He thinks specifically about one client, a woman who needed to sell her home quickly. Another agent had listed the house for six months without success, so the woman reached out to Konja in a last-ditch effort to sell. Konja listed and sold the property within about 45 days, helping the client move on from a difficult situation.

“Not every single transaction is going to be amazing, but those amazing transactions are with people who say you’ve changed their lives,” Konja says. “Real estate gives you that unique opportunity on a daily basis.”