Reid Resort Realty Inc.

Reid is the quintessential entrepreneur: “When I was 10, I sold spoonfuls of Nesquik to classmates during lunch, since we didn’t have chocolate milk at school. At 20, I started A2ZCDS.com, an online multimedia library, with $350,000 borrowed from an investment group in India and had 30 employees working for me.” But it wasn’t until he bought his first home, while still in college, that the real estate bug bit him: “By the time I graduated, I had $100,000 in equity and my three roommates paying my mortgage.”

Dealmaker deluxe: Reid, who closed 35 transaction sides totaling $15 million in 2006, still loves the thrill of finding someone a good deal: “I like looking at comp sales and finding something that’s selling at 70 cents to 80 cents on the dollar.”

Development dreams: Despite his sales savvy, he says that “in five years, I’d like to be out of sales and into development as my primary source of income.” He’s already working with buyers to purchase lots and construct homes at the Ginn Reunion Resort, a mega master-planned community in central Florida: “In addition to helping buyers purchase a lot, I’m consulting with them through the entire process, from choosing a builder until the home is complete.”