Ryan Fitzgerald (2018)

Raleigh Realty
324 S Wilmington #222
Raleigh, NC 27601
United States
North Carolina US

Remember the ‘Why’

Ryan Fitzgerald, 28, can pinpoint the moment in 2014 that he knew real estate was for him. “I was sitting in Boston at my desk and new management swoops in,” says Fitzgerald, who worked for LogMeIn at the time selling join.me, an online meeting tool. In an instant, all of the people with whom he’d built relationships were dismissed from their jobs. “I decided right then that I wasn’t going to allow someone else the leverage to determine whether or not I had a job.” Keeping the “why” top-of-mind, Fitzgerald stays focused on results. His business approach is to provide value without expectation by creating online content for both buyers and sellers; that, coupled with his search engine optimization expertise, have garnered Fitzgerald 10,000 visits a month to his real estate website.