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Run, Rusty! Run!

Each morning, Rusty Underwood, 29, slips on his running shoes and heads out the door. “I try to average 45 miles a week, and my clients and friends know I love to talk on the phone while running.” He runs to listings, job sites, and other neighborhoods where he works. He’s found it to be a great way to see the market and spot interesting details of homes. “Sometimes, I look like Forrest Gump out there. I wear some weird gear when I’m running. But they [developers and buyers] like that I’m out every morning checking on things.” One of Underwood’s clients last year, the father of a childhood friend, was diagnosed with cancer while selling his home and buying another that needed remodeling. Underwood helped facilitate the renovation while his client underwent treatments. “This wasn’t about a real estate transaction,” Underwood says.