Knockout Real Estate
Frankenmuth, Mich.

Individual volume: $21 million*
Individual sides: 100*

‘Never Quit’ Mentality

When Rachel Opperman, 27, worked as a waitress at a German restaurant in her hometown during her college years, she never dreamed of being a real estate professional.

But one of her regular customers saw Opperman’s potential. "He brought up my ability to sell and converse with people," she recalls.

He eventually became her broker. And five years after that, Opperman bought his real estate firm with a partner, got her broker’s license, and purchased and transformed an old farmhouse into office space for the brokerage.

"I have a ‘never quit’ mentality. It applies to my real estate career but also ties to all aspects of my life," Opperman says.

After COVID-19 hit, she went door-to-door in her 300-house subdivision, hand-delivering flyers to invite neighbors to her neighborhood Facebook group. "I felt that we needed to create a small-scale community of neighbors helping neighbors, especially in those uncertain times," she says.

While Opperman has since moved, the group remains active, and she invites every new resident who comes into the area to join it.

*Opperman’s 2021 sales were from JMW Real Estate.