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Twist of Fate

Early in Nikolas Boone’s life, his parents struggled with drugs and run-ins with the law. His mother was 14 when he was born. “Both [spent time] in jail, and I didn’t meet my dad until I was 7,” he says. Today, his parents are still together, married, and happy. “Their story is mind-blowing,” says Boone, 28. His mom works in the mortgage field; his dad owns an auto repair shop. Boone grew up understanding the potential repercussions of ignoring the rules and saw his parents’ determination to turn their lives around. “Though neither of them had a formal education, I was pushed to thrive in academics,” he says. Boone obtained his real estate license to pay for college. He was pre-med, but after closing his first few transactions, he realized he’d found his passion. Today, he owns his company and manages more than 650 rental units. A busy Rotarian, Boone is committed to philanthropy and volunteerism.