Individual Salesperson
Premier Sotheby's International Realty
Sarasota. Fla.

Individual volume: $46.6 million
Individual sides: 29.5

Adapting to Meet Needs

Moriah Taliaferro, 29, knew that in order to stand out in the Sarasota, Fla., market, she needed real expertise. "Many of the clients I work with are high-net-worth individuals who expect a certain level of knowledge, expertise, and service," she says. "Early in my career, I made flash cards with all the pertinent rules and information for each condo building in the downtown Sarasota area. I studied those cards every day until I could recite from memory all the information."

In 2021, amid a rapidly evolving world and market, Taliaferro adapted. More people wanted to move to the area from out of state, so she found a way to provide them with the information they needed. "I began a YouTube vlog in order to share my knowledge with clients who were looking to relocate to the area and needed more information and visuals to help them along in the discovery process," she says.

More than just providing information, Taliaferro has an overarching goal: "I’m on a mission to make everyone feel at home in Sarasota."