Madeline Lussier-Smart

Individual Salesperson
Real Living at Home
4040 N Fairfax Street
Arlington 22203
United States

Agent by Design

Madeline Lussier grew up in subsidized housing that was sometimes in disrepair. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a real estate agent so she could find nice houses for everyone. Lussier earned her license at 22 and put that dream in motion. What she discovered later was her aptitude for interior design, which became apparent when she began flipping houses. “I choose floor stains, paint colors, and cabinet and light fixtures, and I put the whole interior together in my mind’s eye,” she says. “I’m fascinated by how architecture, design, and personal aesthetic can turn a house into a home.” Lussier, 29, says she understands how much a renovation can mean to a neighborhood, not just a house, and she works with contractors to turn her visions into reality. Building equity for the community is what drives Lussier. “Bringing light and life back into homes is how I give back,” she says.