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Channeling Kobe

When it comes to dedicated effort, Keeyan Sabz, 29, takes a page from the late basketball legend Kobe Bryant. “I’m a huge basketball fan, and honestly, growing up I wasn’t the biggest fan of Kobe just because I’m a Rockets fan,” Sabz explains. But as time passed, Sabz found it harder and harder to deny one of Bryant’s signature strengths: his work ethic. “I turned that onto my own business,” he says. “I’m constantly trying to improve myself and evolve.” Sabz goes into each transaction as though he’s the one buying or selling the home. This, he says, keeps him grounded in the best interest of his clients. He makes a point of educating his clients about how they can make the most of their money over the long term through real estate investments, while still finding the perfect space for right now.