Campins Company
1688 Meridian Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
United States
Florida US

“Don’t stop until you achieve what you want five times over.”

Campins made it into the final six out of 215,000 applicants this year on NBC’s “The Apprentice” with Donald Trump as her potential boss. To participate she took off several months from work. She worried that doing so would negatively affect her image and business but has found the reverse.

Moving in rarefied circles: Campins, who closed her first real estate deal at age 18, say her stint as a TV star has enhanced her visibility and introduced her to a new circle of movers and shakers. She specializes in high-end luxury homes but handles lower-cost listings, too. Last year she closed 43 transactions with a volume of $17 million.

What really counts: “There’s no success without sacrifice,” says Campins, who works 15-hour days and describes herself as “driven and intense.” But just as important to her success are compassion, integrity, and a sense of ethics—even if she was teased on TV for saying she’s a good person, she says. She learned those traits from her parents. “You only have one reputation. If you lack in any of the three values, your reputation will be damaged,” she says.