Individual Salesperson
Boston Trust Realty Group
404 Neponset Avenue
Boston 02126
United States

Schooling Buyers

Julian Addy was in middle school in the Bronx, N.Y., during the Great Recession when his family was close to losing their home in a foreclosure. Fortunately, they learned about the federal Home Affordable Refinance Program and were able to keep their house. Those memories remain with Addy, 29, as he helps his clients understand their investment and find security in home- ownership. Many are both first-time and first-generation buyers. He created an online library of videos covering the buying process and home maintenance issues. “Knowledge is power,” he says. “The videos allow viewers to see ownership of real estate as an attainable goal.” A performer at heart, Addy incorporates music, dance, and humor into his content.“It’s easier for someone to comprehend information when they’re engaged and entertained,” he says.