Team Leader
Compass – Crochet Realty Group
Atlanta, Ga.


2022 Team Transaction Sides: 46
2022 Team Sales Volume: $23.6 million

Consistency to See Things Through

Right when Joe Crochet, 29, was at the height of his game, the brokerage he joined was bought out. “Things started to change pretty quickly,” he says. His then-eight-member team started to disintegrate, and after a while, Crochet realized he wanted something different as well. So, he joined Compass in 2022.

Adversity didn’t equate to failure, though. Crochet had faced adversity before and under- stood the real estate business to be one that ebbs and flows, so he adjusted. Crochet says he created a structure for himself that helped him navigate an otherwise unstructured career path. “Every morning, I eat the same thing for breakfast—egg whites, oatmeal and a banana,” he says. “I work out in the morning—tennis is my outlet. And I make sure I get away from the stress by hanging out with friends and utilizing my parents’ lake house.”

He showed up for himself no matter what, and it paid off. He had one of his best years to date in 2022, and now at Compass, he’s rebuilding his team. A three-sport athlete in high school and college, he says he learned early on that “tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”