Sales Associate
J. Borstell Real Estate Inc.
1057 Main Street
Tewksbury, MA 01876
United States
Massachusetts US

Pounding the Pavement

Jeffrey Borstell, 28, built his business partially on distressed properties, often connecting with sellers by walking through neighborhoods, spotting properties, and striking up conversations. He says his affinity for the time-honored method of hitting the streets sets him apart from his peers. “I like to go out and create business. If I have a buyer who’s interested in a house that’s not on the market, I’ll just go out there and door-knock,” he says. Borstell once stumbled upon a parcel of land that had been vacant since the 1920s. He was able to get the owner to sell after approaching him with a phone call. No Luddite, Borstell also mixes in social media marketing, which accounts for a good chunk
of his business.