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A Personal Conviction

Glen Clemmons was only a year into his real estate career when he became a caregiver for his mother, whose complications from Parkinson’s disease abruptly worsened in 2017. Moving her into the two-bedroom condo he shared with his wife was both disrupting and eye-opening. “It made me think about how to make a positive impact with my business,” says Clemmons, 29. He doubled down on working with first-time buyers as the market opened up after COVID-19 shutdowns, boosting his sales volume by 50% in 2020 over the year before. Lately, he’s focused on helping sellers, squeezed by the inventory crunch, secure a temporary place between transactions. “I take lots of notes on sellers’ goals and come up with an action plan,” he says. And 5% of each of his commission checks goes to the Parkinson’s Foundation. As his sales rise, so does his charitable impact.