Team Member
RE/MAX Allegiance
5100 Leesburg Pike #200
Alexandria, VA 22302
United States
Virginia US

Persisting With Passion

Elizabeth Stone, 29, doesn’t allow Hodgkin’s lymphoma to stand in the way of her work. She has adapted unflappably to the limitations that come from fighting the disease. Stone is the self-appointed “real estate nerd” for her team of four, which includes her mother, Kristin, the team leader. When other agents are with clients on the street, Stone is at the computer as the business manager and online coordinator, creating a friendly, concierge-style relationship with clients and prospects. She works online leads, scours maps, researches neighborhood amenities, writes promotional copy, and runs social media campaigns. To communicate with military buyers, she learned about government housing allowances, veterans regulations, and even the NATO phonetic alphabet. Since her team was established in 2011, they’ve increased their sales volume more than sixfold.