Partner/two-person team
RE/MAX United
51 Kilmayne Drive #100
Cary, NC 27511
United States
North Carolina US

Communication King

Davis Holt, 29, feels honored that more than 75 percent of his business comes from past clients, sphere of influence, and vendor referrals. To achieve these numbers, he devised a 66-point communications plan to keep in touch with his core database of about 400 people. His team also sends a monthly mailer to about 1,000 people and two monthly videos to more than 3,500 contacts. The team also hosts quarterly events. One of the most popular is a fall festival held at a local farm. Much of Holt’s personal life these days focuses on the adoption process as he and wife look forward to welcoming a child into their lives. “Adoption is a lot like real estate,” Davis says. “It’s a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. You just have to stay in the middle and push through.”