Individual Salesperson
Realty One Group Zoom
Tracy, Calif.

Individual volume: $10.7 million
Individual sides: 23

Carving a New Path

Darrin DeSilva never wants to forget where he came from. DeSilva’s childhood was one marked by instability. When he was 20, his father passed away, leading DeSilva into a spiral of self-destruction.

At 23, homeless and seeking donations on the side of the road, DeSilva had a fortunate encounter: A man stopped and took time to get to know him, helping him take the first step needed to stop the downward spiral. It was a turning point.

DeSilva got off the streets and soon found full-time work. In January 2020, at the age of 27, he started his real estate career. He uses the lessons he’s learned from the past to keep him accountable and help him grow as an agent.

"I keep people in my corner who tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear, which is vital to my success," says DeSilva, now 29.

At the center of his business is customer service and community building. "Without my community, I wouldn’t be here," he says. "And [a home sale] is the type of transaction that changes people’s lives. These people text me and call me like I’m their friend. I don’t know of any other industry where it’s like that."