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Reaching out

“Give sales associates the best training possible.”

Although Brian Shinall has ascended during the past decade from sales associate to broker to principal, he still counts the closing as the most satisfying aspect of his work.

“It tells me I’ve helped clients achieve their objective, while remaining professional. It’s a reminder I’ve earned my pay and I’m responsible for my income. I never want to lose sight of those principles,” says Shinall, whose brokerage boasts three offices across the Texas Panhandle.

Shinall says branching out into residential development and construction has fueled his company’s growth. But he gives most of the credit for his success to his 10 salespeople, who’ve collectively closed more than $23 million in sales since 1999.

Shinall is proud of the “three-tier” training program he developed to help salespeople learn everything from writing a contract to selling commercial properties.

The biggest challenge he’s faced along the way? “The transition from salesperson to broker to principal. It was a reality check to be responsible for the leadership and livelihood of other salespeople,” Shinall says.