Team Member
Keller Williams the Marketplace
Henderson, Nev.

Team volume: $44.6 million
Team sides: 370
Individual volume: $143 million
Individual sides: 107

‘What You Believe, You Can Achieve’

At 12 years old, Bri Brenkus won the blue ribbon at an equestrian show she hadn’t even planned to enter. Her best friend was competing, and Brenkus decided to sign up, too. The only horse available happened to be a horse from the riding school. "My concerned mother and trainer said it was unlikely I’d be able to place because school horses normally don’t compete," Brenkus, now 25, recalls.

"I see blue," she told her mom.

"It is one of my most cherished memories. What you believe, you can achieve," she says.

Brenkus attained her real estate license while a senior in college and says much of her success comes from her "old-soul" beliefs in handwritten letters, door-knocking at For Sale By Owner properties, and conversing about real estate everywhere she goes.

Brenkus used her power of belief to manifest another win this March: the 30 Under 30 Web Choice Award. After being selected as one of the 50 finalists, Brenkus pulled out all the stops rallying her sphere to vote for her—even airdropping her voting link to people working out at her gym. She had a dream the weekend before the winner was announced that she received 3,000 votes. Indeed, Brenkus came out on top, with 2,848 of the 41,109 votes cast. Read more about Brenkus’s win.