Individual Salesperson
The Redux Group of eXp
Vienna, Va.

Individual volume: $37.1 million
Individual sides: 63

A Self-Motivator

Entry-level jobs, grad school, marriage—that’s what Belle Tunstall’s friends were doing with their lives when she decided to become an entrepreneur and enter the world of real estate back in 2016. "It felt new and fresh," Tunstall says. The Northern Virginia native was 22 when she entered the industry determined to succeed. "I knew no one was going to hand it to me, but what my team did give me were the tools."

In order to take control of her future and create the life she knew she wanted, "I had to ask myself if I was willing to work hard and whether or not I was going to make good use of the tools given to me," says Tunstall, now 29.

She credits her success to two things: a capacity for self-motivation and a background in competitive sports. "From playing collegiate sports, I have developed this ‘win the day every day’ mentality. When I wake up, I have daily goals and things I need to accomplish. I get after it."

Being selected for 30 Under 30 was special, she told the Real Estate Rockstars podcast in May. But a lifetime of competitive sports was a great reminder that she wouldn’t be here without her team. "If you experience success in any area of your life, chances are you didn’t get there alone," she says.