Ashley Dietch-Schaefer (2014)

Team Member
Hello Homes
2221 Plainfield Avenue NE #107
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
United States
Michigan US

‘Downtown Queen’

When Ashley Dietch, AHWD, started her real estate career in 2009, she saw a perfect opportunity to get in where she fit in. Few practitioners focused on downtown Grand Rapids, Mich., “so I took complete advantage of that,” she says. “I immersed myself in every event, building, restaurant, and show. I wanted to know everything.” Dietch started blogging about her experiences and shooting video, becoming known as the “Downtown Queen.” Through this, she learned to love her city even more. “The city’s ambiance is truly electric,” Dietch says. “People are always smiling and greeting each other. Helping others find their passions within Grand Rapids is my favorite part of my job.”

(Now works for SVG Real Estate Firm)