Team Member
Locality Real Estate – Kristin Graziano Group
Scottsdale, Ariz.


2022 Individual Sales Volume: $14.5 million
2022 Individual Transaction Sales: 22
2022 Team Sales Volume: $32.9 million
2022 Team Transaction Sides: 44

Helpful by Nature

At age 20, Aaron Bils bought his first home because of a friendly sibling rivalry. “I’m very competitive,” he says. “My older sister was getting ready to buy her first house, and honestly, I didn’t want her to be the first one in the family to buy a house.”

He hustled at three hospitality jobs to save for the down payment, but in the end, his sister beat him to the closing table. Still, the experience gave Bils, now 29, a view into the world of real estate, and he was hooked. He clicked so well with his agent that he pursued his own license and joined the agent’s team.

Though he’s ambitious, Bils also possesses a big heart and thrives on helping clients through their challenges. He’s gone so far as to purchase a trailer so that overwhelmed clients have a place for unwanted possessions during a move. He’s especially tuned in to the emotional needs of older sellers who may be fearful about leaving a longtime home. His support extends to his team members, whom he mentors and trains. “Our approach is to be very interactive and always supportive of each other,” he adds.

(2022 sales with HomeSmart)