Website Development Agreement

Name of Agreement: Website Development Agreement

Parties: Multiple listing service broker, brokerage firm, or sales licensee and a developer

Purpose: Provide for the development of a website for a multiple listing service, broker, brokerage firm, or sales licensee, ownership of the intellectual property associated with the website, and the use of a domain name.

Options: There is no optional language in this agreement.

Instructions: This document is a standalone agreement. All of the blanks and schedules need to be completed.

Notes: Additional website services not addressed in this agreement include website hosting, website statistics, website visitor tracking, and domain name registration and renewal. If these services are to be provided, language will need to be added to the agreement. On-going support is also not addressed in the agreement. If Developer will provide on-going support, issues such as, the level of support, how it is provided, hours of support availability, means of contacting support services, for example, by telephone or e-mail, compensation for support, and the ability to terminate support should be addressed.

Website Development Agreement (75 KB)

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