Subscription Agreement

Name of Agreement: Subscription Agreement

Parties: Multiple listing service and subscriber, such as a sales licensee

Purpose: The purposes of the Subscription Agreement are as follows:

  1.     Although MLS membership is normally through the Broker who is the Participant, Sales Licensees affiliated with that Broker also gain access to the MLS through their affiliation.
  2.     The purpose of the Subscription Agreement is to establish the subscriber’s obligation to abide by the MLS Rules and to pay fees to the MLS.
  3.     The Subscription Agreement grants a license to the subscriber to use listings in accordance with the MLS rules and regulations.
  4.     The Subscription Agreement provides an acknowledgement by the subscriber that the MLS owns the compilation.
  5.     The Subscription Agreement establishes procedures for the MLS to grant a license to a vendor to access the IDX listings to support a subscriber’s display of those listings on the subscriber’s website.

Options: There is an option in Section 17 regarding termination of the Subscription Agreement. The agreement provides for a one year term which is renewable. The optional language provides for termination at will.

Instructions: This document is a standalone agreement. All of the blanks need to be completed.

Notes: Many of the terms of the Subscription Agreement may already exist in the MLS rules and regulations. The Subscription Agreement should be compared with the rules and regulations and any terms of the Subscription Agreement which are inconsistent with or contrary to the terms of the rules and regulations should be deleted.

Subscription Agreement (94 KB)

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