License Agreement

Name of Agreement: License Agreement (Vendor Display of Listings)

Parties: Multiple listing service and a vendor, such as an internet webpage designer, or print media vendor

Purpose: The purposes of the license agreement are as follows:

  1.     Multiple listing service grants to the vendor a license to display listing content on websites designated in the License Agreement, and in print media.
  2.     Vendor agrees to be bound by the multiple listing service IDX policy.
  3.     The multiple listing service identifies the means of downloading the listing content to a vendor, whether through web services, FTP, or by another means.
  4.     Provide for the applicable broker to consent to listing content being displayed on designated websites or in print media.

Options: There are two options in Section 22(e) regarding termination of the License Agreement. Use only one option. The optional definition in Section 24(w) is included if Option 2 is selected.

  1.     Section 22(e) Option 1: No Transition Period. Use this option if no transition period is negotiated in the agreement.
  2.     Section 22(e) Option 2: Transition Period. This option provides for a thirty (30) day transition period, which gives the broker time to find a substitute vendor. Section 24(w) has the definition for “Transition Period” and should be used when this option is selected.

Instructions: This document is a standalone agreement. All of the blanks need to be completed and all of the applicable schedules attached. Only choose one option in Section 22(e); if Option 1 is used, remove the optional “Transition Period” definition in Section 24(w).

License Agreement (198 KB)

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