Jim Hochman

Signature Series Speakers' Bureau

Lisle, IL


Speaker fee: $4,000 plus expenses
Course length: 3 hours


As Coman & Anderson's Real Estate Partner since July 2005, Jim Hochman represents many commercial real estate brokerage firms, receivers, landlords, tenants, and real estate investors by assisting in commercial and residential real estate transactions. Prior to joining Coman & Anderson, Jim was Senior VP & Senior Counsel for CB Richard Ellis for 22 years, representing CBRE in all aspects of real estate services for 20 states in the Central United States.

Jim is a speaker on real estate broker-related issues for real estate organizations across the nation and in Canada. He also teaches for SIOR nationally and Lewis University. He co-authored and sponsored the Illinois Commercial Real Estate Broker Lien Act, and several subsequent states' broker lien acts. He is the architect of license portability statutes for several states. In 2004, Jim was honored by SIOR with its Inaugural Champion of Industry Award and is now a General Associate member of SIOR.

Jim graduated from Brown University and has earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Boston Unversity School of Law. He retired as Commander in the United States Naval Reserve in 1992, after 22 years of service. His final assignment was Special Counsel to the U.S. Commander in Chief, Pacific Forces.

Course Descriptions

Anatomy of an Exclusive Listing Agreement

This course can be tailored to particular listing agreements (and applicable state law), be they agreements for sale, lease, sublease, or a combined listing agreement. The course addresses statutory listing agreement requirements, contract formalities, and most important, the reason for specific provisions in listing and representation agreements. Emphasis is given to “Handling Objections” so that a broker who earns a listing assignment can sell his/her form of listing agreement without changes. The material includes numerous war stories regarding commission disputes, court interpretations of listing agreement terminology, and cases involving enforcement of commission claims.

Anatomy of a Lease

A comprehensive review of commercial lease terms and provisions, what they mean, how these issues are inter related, and how a broker can assist his/her client as part of the team of advisors on a commercial lease transaction. This presentation addresses both legal and economic (business) issues.

Anatomy of a Purchase and Sale Agreement

This course covers the basic terms of a commercial purchase and sale agreement, so that brokers can be better equipped to assist counsel and buyer and seller clients on the drafting, review, and negotiation of such agreement. The course could be adapted to include a commercial sale contract commonly used in a specific market.

Avoiding Litigation

This course offers an overview of the legal rights and duties among brokers, clients, and customers. The focus is on legal issues and potential liabilities emanating from the listing process and marketing of the property, making representations about the property, making representations about prospective buyers and prospective tenants, and documenting the transaction. The course also offers some “how to” tips to avoid litigation, and how to be prepared to defend one’s conduct in the event of litigation. A brief examination of situations involving multiple offers is also included. The course also examines dealings between brokers, and protecting the broker’s right to a fee under various other circumstances.

Broker Lien Rights

The national trend in broker lien rights shows that 28 states now provide lien rights to brokers. This course addresses how to use lien rights successfully in those states where such rights have been enacted, to protect a broker’s right to timely payment of a commission.

Effective Negotiation Skills for Brokers

This is a course specifically designed for negotiation skills required of commercial real estate brokers and addresses how to negotiate effectively for your client without burning bridges. This course has been well received in numerous venues including SIOR's National Convention, CB Richard Ellis, Prudential Commercial Real Estate's National Conference, and others.

License Portability

Interstate Brokerage is a concept whose time has come. Many brokerage firms are involved in multi-property and multi-state transactions, often requiring a broker in one state to perform licensed services for the purchase, sale, or lease of property in states where that broker is not licensed. This course surveys existing research on which states are receptive to brokers from other states and which are not. It examines recently enacted statutes which have opened several states' borders to other brokers and new deals, and discuss model legislation for license portability.

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