Ira Gribin

President of the National Association of REALTORS® - 1989

Ira Gribin*, of Encino, California, was the 1989 President of the National Association of REALTORS®. He was co-founder of Gribin von Dyl, Inc., a firm specializing in all phases of real estate in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding communities. He had been a REALTOR® since 1946.

In 1989, the National Association of REALTORS® dealt with issues such as the Savings & Loan bailout and the Resolution Trust Corporation, creation of the Appraisal Foundation, changes in Fair Housing Laws and the disastrous impact of the passive loss provisions of the 1986 Tax Reform Act. "The Voice for Real Estate" theme was adopted in 1989.

During Mr. Gribin's term as President, the Auctioneering, Appraisal, Securities & Syndication, Commercial Investment and Federal Appointments Committees were established in 1989, along with the Education Committee of the Professional Standards Committee. FIABCI-USA became a part of the National Association of REALTORS® this year. The National Association of REALTORS® received the Business Community Leadership Award from the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights.

In an January/February 1989 interview in Real Estate Today, Mr. Gribin responded to a question about working in a economically depressed area. "The best advice is, Don't go crazy in an up market and don't get scared to death in a market, because the market's going to change."

Ira Gribin was President of the San Fernando Valley Board of REALTORS® in 1970, the California Association of REALTORS® in 1976, and received NAR's first Educator of the Year Award in 1985. He was a founding director of the Encino Savings and Loan, and Lincoln Title Co. of Los Angeles. He served on the boards of directors of Founders Title Group, and the Founders Title of Hawaii. He was a commissioner of the Los Angeles Transportation Commission, served on the Board of Directors of the San Fernando Valley Cultural Foundation was a director of the Southern California Housing Development Corporation. Mr. Gribin passed away on March 24, 2007.

Source: Real Estate Today (January/February 1989; April 1990)