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Search Tips

Superfluous words:
Words such as a, can, is and the are ignored by the search function.

Quotation marks:
Use quotation marks to search for a phrase. For example, if you enter “Section 8” our system will search for the complete phrase “Section 8.” Quotation marks do not make the search function case sensitive.

and / and not:
Use the words and and and not to refine your search. For example:
o Entering “Section 8” and apartment will retrieve pages that contain the phrase and word Section 8 and apartment.
o Entering “Section 8” and not apartment will return pages containing only the words Section 8 – these pages will not contain the word apartment.

Use or if you are looking for several different things and are unsure how a word might appear. For example, a search for the keywords “Section 8” or low income would return results for both “Section 8” and low income.

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