Quick Takeaways

  • As the daily number of airline passengers has reached its pre-pandemic levels, hotels are busy preparing for the same, and an especially busy summer travel season
  • Demand, occupancy, and revenue per room all increased, though the supply of new hotel space remained flat
  • Total bookings increased 6% year-over-year

Source: U.S. Hotel Market Continues Broad Recovery (CBRE, May 4, 2023)

The hotel and motel investment world has been a rollercoaster since March of 2020, when COVID-19 decimated the travel world. However, investors and travel are back and all-in after a two year slump. Like residential real estate, the prices for hotels are currently surging.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, hotel management was primarily concerned about keeping the doors open and figuring out the best ways to protect staff and guests from illness. However, as travelers have flocked back to hotels, management has some room to focus on more than safety – technology and amenities in this changed world of travel are at the forefront.

Hotel and motel safety is priceless, and though physical safety is perhaps more important, data security is a close second. Safety from the COVID-19 pandemic is still a huge part of the safe hotel experience, but data breaches and fraud have certainly not slowed down because of the pandemic.

The hotel stay is back (for the most part) and with it comes hotel sales. An extremely unique real estate market has created highly priced hotels, like the residential sector. Standard valuation and appraisal standards hold true, but the post-pandemic world is full of surprises!

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