Quick Takeaways

  • Old houses are cheaper than new homes
  • The price for renovations can be steep
  • Renovations can take longer than expected

Source: The Pros and Cons to Renovating an Old House (Family Handyman, Jun. 23, 2023)

You can find out about the history of your home by looking at tax records, wills and city histories.

Other sources for your home’s history include Ancestry.com, old phone books, the local historical society and information from the sellers.

Living in a historic home brings challenges. Renovations maybe regulation of the house is in a historic district. Renovations are costly and may take more time than expected. However, historic homes tend to have a high property value.

Historic home styles range from Victorian to Federal to Queen Anne. REALTOR® Magazine has a comprehensive list of architectural styles so you can brush up the many home styles and features.

Buying and selling historic homes needs specialized knowledge. Learn the home’s history, including all of the past renovations. Point out what historic details need to be preserved. Market the home to history lovers, including historic home websites.

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