Placemaking Grant

NAR’s Placemaking Grant is available to REALTOR® associations to help them plan, organize, implement and maintain these types of Placemaking activities in their communities.

Complete information about NAR's Placemaking Grant, including applications, the types of projects the grant funds, and examples of REALTOR® Associations' Placemaking Projects at the Placemaking Program & Grant page at

Placemaking Program & Grant

About Placemaking

Placemaking is a way to make your community a better place to live by transforming  unused sites and “eyesores” into welcoming destinations accessible to everyone in a community. Placemaking can be undertaken by anyone in a community but what is often needed is someone to take the lead or initiative. Who better to do this than a REALTOR® Association, and its members, as REALTORS® are already engaged in their communities and know the neighborhoods and the properties, and are likely to know where to focus efforts to enhance a place.

Smart Growth

The healthier a community, the better the environment for REALTORS®. Keeping a community attractive, livable and functioning well is a complex task.