Google Analytics

Quick Takeaways

  • Google Analytics is a free and simple way to track website visitors and obtain performance insights
  • All you need to get started is a Google account!
  • Once you start tracking, you can track and analyze website traffic, build custom reports, and track social media metrics.

How to Use Google Analytics (Business News Daily, Feb. 22, 2023)

Getting started with Google Analytics is easy with the variety of resources provided by Google. From beginner guides to more advanced tips and tricks, you can find everything you need about this free tool using the resources above.

Using Google Analytics for your real estate business can open up a whole new world of data! Not only can you measure the performance of your own website by tracking user traffic and data, but you can see how many users are visiting popular real estate sites like Zillow or

You can also use Google Analytics with many popular web services like Squarespace, MailChimp, and Wordpress, making your web experience and business operations seamless!

If Google Analytics does not work for your business, consider alternatives like YouTube Analytics, Facebook Insights, or Twitter Insights. Often, people use all of the above, especially when they need more granular data from social media websites. There are plenty of alternatives out there that can be customized to meet your data needs!

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