Where Are They Now?

Good Neighbor Awards Where Are They Now?

In 2024, NAR’s Good Neighbor Awards celebrates 25 years, which means there have been 250 honorees making an impact in 43 states, Puerto Rico and 17 countries across the globe. Each month, we look back at some of their stories and are awed by how their charitable causes have grown and served millions.



‘Mama Brown’ to the Rescue

April 5, 2024
REALTOR® Oral Lee Brown, one of the first Good Neighbor Award winners, is still expanding her mission to mentor children out of poverty.


Tina McDonough

2013 Good Neighbor Award Winner Tina McDonough went on to raise more than $8 million for cancer research.

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Vickie Lobo

2020 Good Neighbor Award Winner Vickie Lobo has raised over $1 million to help people who have faced trauma.

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