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Tucson, Ariz.
United States

Rich is the heart and soul of The Sudanese Promise Fund, which helps 54 refugees who have resettled in Tucson adapt to the United States, overcome their traumatic past and become productive citizens. Known in the media as the Lost Boys of the Sudan, they survived the horrors of civil war and genocide. After many of their parents were killed, sometimes in front of them, they fled on foot across East Africa, only to have two-thirds die from starvation, disease and animal attacks. Rich, who is president of the organization, acts as a surrogate mother to all 54 young men, helping them find apartments, get into and pay for college, pay for much-needed medical care and provide the advice and guidance any young person needs to find his way in life. Rich also has the unique honor of being a previous winner of the Good Neighbor Award for totally unrelated volunteer work with the American Red Cross.

In addition to being a 2006 Good Neighbor Award Honoree, Jill Rich was also a 2000 Good Neighbor Award Winner.

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