Good Neighbor Awards Media Kit

Resources for Good Neighbor Awards Publicity

We encourage local media and real estate boards to publicize the work of Good Neighbor Award winners. Publicity leads to more donations and volunteers for the winners' charities, and therefore enables the Good Neighbor Awards to help even more people.

We also hope you will help us promote the program to potential candidates in advance of the May 8, 2020 application deadline.

You are welcome to download ready-to-publish stories, photos, and videos of our Good Neighbors. In order to download the program files to your computer, right click (or CTRL-click on a Mac) and select "Save Link/Target As..."

Promote the 2020 Good Neighbor Awards Nomination Deadline

Promote the 2020 Volunteer Works Mentoring Deadline

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Cover the 2019 Good Neighbor Winners

Bruce Johnson

Mark Solomon

Kim Strub

Dale Taylor

Paul Wyman

Headshots for the 2019 Good Neighbor Award Finalists

Sabrina Cohen

Rosemary Dutter

Bruce Johnson

Kristy Payne

Nora Partlow

Mark Solomon

Bahar Soomekh

Kim Strub

Dale Taylor

Paul Wyman

Social Media Testimonials






Cover the 2018 Good Neighbor Winners

Omayra Borges

Chet Choman

Jeremy Lichtenstein

Joy Nelson

Elias Thomas III

Testimonials about Past Winners.

Cover the 2017 Good Neighbor Winners

Sal Dimiceli

Howard "Hoddy" Hanna

Bryson Garbett

Louise McLean

Kay Wilson-Bolton

Testimonials about Past Winners.

How to Start a Local Good Neighbor Award

If you're an association executive who wants more information on how you can start a Good Neighbor Awards program in your area, click here to access a wide variety of resources.


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