Three Essential Building Blocks for Global Business

Congratulations, you’ve earned your CIPS designation! It’s a major accomplishment that places you in a unique position to build a global real estate practice.

While the CIPS coursework provides a solid education, your next steps must occur outside the classroom. This is the point at which many new
designees scratch their head, wondering “now what?” To answer that question, this issue of Global Perspectives examines three key aspects of laying a foundation for future success: your online identity, your niche market, and your network.

While discussed separately, these three dimensions often overlap. Additionally, they don’t apply exclusively to new designees. Consider these foundational elements as an ongoing work in progress. For example, you may discover a new niche you’d like to cultivate, which will prompt modifications to some aspects of your online identity and your networking contacts.

In addition to a wide range of tips and resources, this issue also includes several Action Items specifically intended to answer the question, “now what?” Following these steps will go a long way towards charting a path to a thriving global real estate practice.