The New American Melting Pot

Over the past several months, a mountain of data from the latest U.S. Census has been gradually released to the public. While many news headlines about the 2010 Census have focused on population shifts and political implications—debates over where to redraw lines for voting districts—the message to real estate agents is loud and clear: the face of America is changing.

Any business that wants to position itself for long-term growth needs to sit up and take note. Tomorrow’s home buyers will not resemble today’s. Increasingly, the U.S. is becoming a multicultural nation, with recent waves of immigration playing a major role in reshaping communities.

In light of these developments, past assumptions regarding the origins of your business and how to best serve future home buyers and sellers need to be reevaluated.

This issue of Global Perspectives helps global agents embark on that path by providing a detailed snapshot of the latest Census data, including key facts about changing demographics and implications to real estate professionals.

Two groups in particular—Hispanics and Asians—will play a growing role in the future U.S. housing market. Inside, you’ll also find fresh insights on understanding these groups’ cultural perspectives and advice on how to best serve them.