Strength in Numbers

Building a multicultural real estate practice may feel like a daunting task for any single agent. That’s one reason many global agents prefer to specialize in a particular niche market. Still, their efforts often rely heavily on building strong networking relationships with other key professionals.

That’s why this issue of Global Perspectives focuses on the “people” aspect of multicultural real estate. By this, we don’t mean your clients and prospects. Rather, we’re referring to the various professionals who, like yourself, help clients ultimately reach the closing table.

Inside this issue you’ll find tips and insights on two key aspects of building your team:

Within your brokerage. Consider partnering with one or more agents to develop a deep pool of talent, capable of standing out in any global market. This is a common strategy in any real estate practice, but can make even more sense for a multicultural real estate group.

With other real estate professionals. Having a strong network of legal, financial and other experts is important for any agent. But with global transactions, a solid referral network often plays an especially critical role in connecting with clients and resolving unique transaction challenges.

Additionally, we recognize the importance of expanding your global team without expanding your budget. Check out our helpful tips for extending your efforts with several free and low-cost resources.