Remote Working and Commercial Space

As we know, commercial and consumer real estate are very connected. What happens to one influences the other. So, how does the remote working trend affect commercial property?

Many companies are diving into what remote working means for them. In terms of office space, it requires a reevaluation of how to incorporate remote working into that space. Essentially, employers are needing to adapt offices to work with new working patterns in today’s work force. Workers are wanting more flexibility, and commercial real estate is being used to answer that call.1

While many corporations are still adapting, we are starting to see some emerging and creative trends in the office space:

  • A main, central office with smaller, satellite offices
  • Co-working spaces
  • Shared offices
  • Shared spaces designed to take into account public health. This can include eliminating heavy traffic areas, adding touchless entries, and better air filtration systems.
  • Rooms reconfigured specifically for video conferencing.

Apartment building designers are responding to this flexible working lifestyle by offering lounge and office-like space, charging stations, and WiFi access, allowing tenants to co-work in this shared space.

How and where people work has and continues to shift. As a global real estate professional, it’s imperative for you to remain knowledgeable of these patterns to better learn how you can provide your clients with what they need. Creative, flexible spaces are the common theme in both residential and commercial property. Meeting the evolving needs of the market is an opportunity for the industry to seize.



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