Northern Exposure

When the U.S. market is down, buyers from around the world go shopping. It’s no secret that global buyers with strong currencies are snapping up bargains here, but did you know that Canadians lead the pack?

Canadians accounted for 23 percent of all international buyers in 2010, up from seven percent in 2007. Interest in U.S. property is predicted to stay strong. In fact, a recent survey by the Bank of Montreal finds that one in five Canadians would consider buying a house or property in the U.S.

This issue of Global Perspectives looks at what’s driving Canadian buyers to look south. There’s more at play than just the strong Canadian dollar and snowbirds’ flight to warm weather. Canadian exposure to the U.S. market has spread beyond Florida to some places that may surprise you. Their interest isn’t limited to vacation homes, but includes investment property and commercial real estate.

You’ll learn how to get a slice of the pie by connecting with Canadian professionals who can help fill your pipeline. Building relationships with Canadian REALTORS® and related specialists is an important component of marketing to Canadian buyers. Look inside for specific tips on how to find them and what to look for.

We hope this issue provides solid guidance on developing your Northern exposure. Canadian buyers are hot, hot, hot. Tap into them to grow your global business.