Finding Global Clients

Global clients can be found in every part of the U.S., including some surprising places. But for many agents who want to grow their global business, the biggest challenge is knowing how to find them.

This issue of Global Perspectives helps you tackle that challenge by illustrating ways to pinpoint potential clients and cultivate relationships with them, using two specific examples:

  • First, you’ll find a case study that examines the state of Colorado, where immigration has played a major role in shaping Colorado’s global landscape.
  • Then, to provide a better understanding of how to make inroads with a particular immigrant community, you’ll find a snapshot of working with Japanese clients— a prominent group in the Colorado market, especially in Denver, but also in many other cities.

If you happen to work in Colorado, or with Japanese immigrant communities, this issue will be particularly helpful. But if you don’t, the examples inside still provide a valuable model for conducting similar research on your own market. The process, and many of the resources cited, can be used to gain important insights and contacts no matter where you live and work.

Ultimately, this type of research is a key component for finding success as a global agent. Opportunities to work with foreign buyers and sellers, whether living in the U.S. or investing from abroad, are present in every market. Knowing how to find them and work with them is what provides focus to your efforts—and improves your results.