2023 CIPS Member Profile Survey

This year, the Business Insights Team in NAR’s Research Group conducted a survey1 of CIPS members with the aim of better addressing members’ needs and to improve the business tools they offer. They wanted to see what CIPS members need to be successful in their business!

How did the team gather their information?

Out of 2,644 active CIPS designees, 366 responded to the request to take the survey (that’s a response rate of 14%).

CIPS Survey Results

Statistics from the 2023 CIPS Member Profile Survey
Statistics from the 2023 CIPS Member Profile Survey

Why Did You Earn Your CIPS Designation?

  • Referral potential
  • To better serve international clients
  • The attraction of working internationally
  • Education/ learning how real estate transactions are conducted elsewhere

What Do You Want from NAR?

  • Increase awareness of benefits: 91% aware of at least one, but many have low awareness. Promote research reports, virtual networking events, conference networking.
  • Referrals are key. Improve networking and referral tracking.
  • Consider referral tracking database separate from Facebook.
  • Attract more global members to improve international presence and referral network.
  • Support new members in getting started with tools to work internationally.

These are just a few highlights and takeaways from The 2023 Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) Member Profile Survey.

Be sure to check it out in fuller detail in the nar.realtor/GlobalMarketingCenter (NAR member login required, and you must have earned the CIPS designation).

1 All data reported from 2023 CIPS Member Profile Survey.

2 According to the survey, "global includes working with foreign nationals or immigrants in your local market or transactions abroad."

3 All essentially unchanged from 2021.

4 41% of respondents have no outbound clients.


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