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(Updated October 2016)

What are home owners associations? Should you hire a manager and what are the governing documents? Learn more about the issues from the following articles, eBooks, and other resources in this field guide. (H. Hester, Information and Digitization Specialist)

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Should You Hire a Manager?

The HOA Manager Balancing Act, (Realty Times, July 12, 2016).

Is it time for your HOA to hire a property manager?, (Buildium Blog, May 12, 2016).

Hiring HOA Property Managers, (Lawyers, Jan. 9, 2016).

Homeowners' Association Property Managers, (Lawyers, 2015).

Hiring and Working with a Property Manager in an HOA, (Nolo, 2015).

HOAs Seek Shelter in Professional Management, (REALTOR® Magazine, Aug. 2014).

Whose Job Is It? HOA Responsibilities vs. Property Management Responsibilities, (EZR Management, Mar. 26, 2014).

HOA Governing

Conflicting Information in Your HOA? Find Out Which Governing Documents Take Precedence, (Associa Blog, June 28, 2016).

No News is Bad News in Your HOA, (Realty Times, May 17, 2016).

Fixing your HOA’s Governing Documents, (Realty Times, Mar. 22, 2016).

Association Contracts, What to Look For, (Associated Asset Management, Aug. 12, 2015).

Homeowners’ Association Boards: Rights and Duties, (Lawyers, 2015).

HOA: Revitalizing Rules, (Realty Times, Sept. 17, 2013).

Sample ByLaws for a Condo Association or HOA, (CondoAssociation, Jan. 31, 2010).

Collecting Assessments

Automating HOA Collections, (Realty Times, Sept. 27, 2016).

Could Assessments Become Tax Deductible?, (HOA Lawyer Blog, May 5, 2016).

Unpaid HOA Assessments and Your Bankruptcy or Foreclosure, (Lawyers, Dec. 6, 2015).

How to Deal With Collecting HOA Delinquencies, (Realty Times, Oct. 6, 2015).

Getting Condo Owners to Pay Up, (McClatchy - Tribune Business News, Sept. 13, 2015). E

HOA Liens & Foreclosures: An Overview, (Nolo, 2015).

Delinquent Home Owners Association Fees: Why You Must Collect, (HouseLogic, Nov. 29, 2010).


5 Things Your HOA Board Wishes You Knew, (Redfin, Aug. 1, 2016).

Heart of HOA Volunteerism, (Realty Times, Sept. 1, 2015).

How to Be a Great Board Member, (The Chicagoland Cooperator, Feb. 2015).

HOA Board Volunteers - How to Attract and Keep Them, (RealManage, Sept. 3, 2014).

Common Pitfalls of New HOA Board Members, (Kuester Companies, June 28, 2011).

Legal Issues

When Homeowners’ Association Living Goes Haywire: How to Prevent the Common Problems of Living Under HOA or COA, (Huffington Post, June 29, 2016).

Disagreements With Your Community or Homeowners’ Association (HOA), (Lawyers, Dec. 3, 2015).

Avoiding Litigation, (NJ Cooperator, June 2015).

Disputes and Homeowners’ Associations, (Lawyers, 2015).

7 Tips to Keep HOA Legal Fees in Check, (HOALeader, Aug. 2013).

HOA Rules Enforcement Policy, (Realty Times, Jan. 5, 2011).

Common Interest Realty Associations: Certified Public Accountant, (The CPA Journal, June 2010). E

The following eBooks and digital audiobooks are available to NAR members:

Homeowners Association and You (Adobe eReader)

Working with Your Homeowners Association (Adobe eReader)

Community Associations: A Guide to Successful Management (Kindle, OverDrive Read, EPUB eBook)

Books, Videos, Research Reports & More

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Condo & Homeowner Association Board Member Handbook and guide for association leaders (Buffalo Grove, IL: Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit, 2011). HD 1377 K84

Community associations: a guide to successful management (Chicago, IL: Institute of Real Estate Management, 2008). HD 1377 B23

Working with your homeowners association: a guide to effective community living (Naperville, IL: Sphinx Publications, 2003). HD 1377 C67

Community associations: the emergence and acceptance of a quite innovation in housing (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2000). HD 1377 S73

Community and homeowner association practice: community association law (Philadelphia, PA: American Law Institute-American Bar Association, 2000). K 740 H99cp

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