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(Updated January 2016)

Whether you own a real estate firm or are thinking of buying or selling one, it's important to know what the business is worth. The following articles and studies can provide some insight into determining the value of a real estate firm and its assets. (S. Hogan, Manager, Library & Archives)

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Appraising​ a Real Estate Office

What's Your Business Worth?, (REALTOR® Magazine Online).

How to Value Real Estate Companies, (eHow, Jan. 25, 2010).

What to do when... It's time to determine what your brokerage is worth, (REALTOR® Magazine, June 2006).

Selling Your Book o​f Business

Buying and selling a book of business, (Investment Executive, 2014).

The Sell Your Business Tool Kit, (REALTOR® Magazine Online)

Selling An Operating Business & Real Estate—Who's The Broker? An Operating Business Isn't Real Estate & Shouldn't Be Sold Like It, (About.com, n.d.).

Preparing for the Sale: It Requires More Work than most Sellers Realize, (Mergers and Acquisitions, Aug. 2011). E

Bridging the Gap to Escaping: Retirement or Selling Your Business? (Realty Times, Sept. 2010).

Incorporating SWOT into Your Business (REALTOR® Magazine, April 2010).

Selling You​r Website

Website Valuation: How to Determine a Website’s Value (Blogtrepreneur, Sept. 15, 2015).

How To Sell A Website (Hostgator, May 21, 2015).

How Do You Value A Website or Internet Business? (FE International, Apr. 9, 2015).

What is Your Website Worth and How to Sell it for Maximum Value (WP Curve, Oct. 31, 2014).

Valuing Websites (Intangible Business, n.d.).

Top 15 Websites to Calculate Your Website Worth (MCJ Online, Oct. 12, 2013).

Successio​n Planning

Family business: When you can't choose your partners, (Industrial Management, Sept./Oct. 2015). E

Effective Succession Planning, (Construction Accounting & Taxation, Nov./Dec. 2014). E

Strategy should span all levels of a business, (Crain’s Cleveland Business, July 7, 2014). E

Succession Planning Is Your Family Business Parachute, (Forbes, May 6, 2014).

The Do's and Don'ts of CEO Succession Planning, (Wall Street Journal Online, April 28, 2014).

Web Resources

Getting Out, (U.S. Small Business Administration). SBA provides information on planning your exit, steps to closing a business, selling your business, transferring ownership, and more.

Housing & Real Estate Business Guide, (U.S. Small Business Administration). See this SBA guide for information on working in the real estate industry, including working with HUD homes and lenders, appraisals, property management, and more.

The Institute of Business Appraisers. In valuing your business, consider working with an evaluation professional. The Institute of Business Appraisers offers a certified business appraiser (CBA) designation for those meeting the group’s education and performance criteria.

eBooks & Other Resources


The following eBooks and digital audiobooks are available to NAR members:

Effective Succession Planning (Adobe eReader, Kindle, READ)

Career Planning and Succession Management (Adobe eReader, Kindle, READ)

Succession Exit Transition (Adobe eReader, Kindle, READ)

Inside CEO Succession: The Essential Guide to Leadership Transition (Adobe eReader)

Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth (Adobe eReader)

Business Valuation and Taxes, (Adobe eReader).

Business Valuation for Dummies®, (Adobe eReader)

The Market Approach to Valuing Businesses, (Adobe eReader).

The Small Business valuation Book: Easy-to-use Techniques That Will Help You... Determine a Fair Price, negotiate Terms, Minimize Taxes, (Adobe eReader)

Valuing a business, 5th ed. (Adobe eReader)

Books, Videos, Research Reports & More

The resources below are available for loan through Information Services. Up to three books, tapes,CDs and/or DVDs can be borrowed for 30 days from the Library for a nominal fee of $10. Call Information Services at 800-874-6500 for assistance.

A Business Enterprise Value Anthology, (Chicago, IL: Appraisal Institute, 2011). HD1389.5.U6 B87 2011

Valuing a Residential Real Estate Service Business, (Littleton, CO: Real Trends, 2010). HD 1375 R22va

The Real Estate Professional's Handbook for Starting and Running a Successful Business, (New York, NY: Kaplan Publishing, 2007). HD 1375 B17

The Value of a Real Estate Brokerage Firm, (Chicago, IL: National Association of REALTORS® - Research Division, 1995). HD 1375 R22va

Field Guides & More

These field guides and other resources in the Virtual Library may also be of interest:

Field Guide to Business Value

Field Guide to Franchises vs. Independents

Field Guide to Opening a Real Estate Brokerage

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