Fair Housing from Real Estate Brokerage Essentials

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Real estate brokers are subject to a web of federal, state and local fair housing laws that are intended to eradicate discriminatory conduct in the sale or rental of dwellings and promote residential integration. The methods of enforcing these laws are varied and the penalties that can be exacted for a violation are severe. For most real estate firms, the practical effect of a finding of liability is a serious financial loss, coupled with public embarrassment and reputational loss. 

To reduce risk, real estate brokers should consider offering comprehensive education and training of all sales associates and staff to ensure a thorough understanding of the obligations and prohibitions outlined in fair housing laws. This chapter of Real Estate Brokerage Essentials includes:

  • Identifying the sources of fair housing laws—federal, state and local—and prohibited conduct;
  • Advertising guidelines;
  • Developing a brokerage-wide compliance program;
  • Demonstrating your public commitment to fair housing;
  • Conducting agent trainings; and more.

Plus, you’ll receive:

  • A comprehensive equal services checklist;
  • A training module including two exercises;
  • 15 case summaries with real-world application of fair housing laws; and
  • Sample forms for compliance with internal policies.

Noncompliance with fair housing laws is a risk that responsible real estate brokers simply cannot assume as a cost of doing business. Download this chapter for free and re-energize your fair housing compliance program.