Advocacy Group Directory by First Name

Advocacy Group Directory (by functional area)
Advocacy Group Directory (by legislative and regulatory issues)

Name Title Phone
Ali Ameri Senior Analyst, Financial Affairs and Advocacy 202-383-1097
Allyson Nelson Manager, Political Fundraising 202-383-1156
April Gavin Senior Political Representative 202-383-1073
Bernard Fulton Senior Policy Representative 202-383-1027
Candace Fitzsimmons Specialist, Campaign Services, RPAC and Member Mobilization 202-383-1187
Catherine Mesick Coordinator, Advocacy Operations 202-383-1000
Chrissy Garavaglia Manager, Political Advocacy Education 202-383-1000
Erin Murphy Senior Strategist, Consumer Advocacy 202-383-1079
Erin Stackley Senior Policy Representative, Commercial Issues 202-383-1150
Ian Roach Analyst, Federal Policy 202-383-1106
Jamison Huff Executive Assistant 202-383-1108
Kathleen LaMarre Executive Assistant 202-383-7560
Kristian Hoysradt Manager, Federal Programs 202-383-1066
Lauren Colicelli Director, Political Fundraising 202-383-1080
Lisa Friday Scott Director, Public Advocacy and Outreach 202-383-1270
Lynda Keese Executive Assistant 202-383-1205
Melissa Horn Policy Representative, State and Local 202-383-1026
Nia Duggins Senior Policy Representative, Business Issues 202-383-1085
Ryan Rusbuldt Senior Legislative Representative 202-383-1196
Sydney Barron Senior Legislative Representative 202-383-1089
Vijay Yadlapati Director, Government Advocacy 202-383-1090
Zack Rubin-McCarry Senior Political Representative 202-383-1086