Advocacy Group Directory by First Name

Advocacy Group Directory (by functional area)
Advocacy Group Directory (by legislative and regulatory issues)

Name Title Phone
April Gavin Senior Political Representative 202-383-1073
Ali Ameri Financial Management and Budget Analyst 202-383-1097
Allyson Nelson Manager, RPAC Fundraising 202-383-1097
Austin Perez Senior Policy Representative, Insurance Issues 202-383-1046
Avery Walker RPAC Disbursements Representative 202-383-1268
Bernard Fulton Senior Policy Representative, Financial Services 202-383-1027
Beth Brittingham Director, Political Events 202-383-1209
Bill Malkasian Chief Advocacy Officer 202-383-1067
Bryan Greene Director, Fair Housing Policy 202-383-1114
Caroline Stewart Specialist, Campaign Services and Advocacy 202-383-1295
Catherine Mesick Receptionist/Administrative Assistant 202-383-1000
Christie DeSanctis Director, Federal Banking, Lending and Housing Finance Policy 202-383-1102
Colin Allen Director, Federal Legislative and Political Affairs 202-383-1131
Denise Brennen Executive Assistant 202-383-1294
Drew Myers Political Representative 202-383-1072
Erin Murphy Senior Representative, Consumer Advocacy Outreach 202-383-1079
Erin Stackley Senior Representative, Commercial Legislative Policy 202-383-1150
Evan Liddiard Director, Federal Taxation 202-383-1083
Fred Underwood Director, Diversity and Inclusion 202-383-1132
Gerry Allen Vice President, RPAC and Campaign Services 202-383-1109
Helen Devlin Director, Federal Legislative and Political Affairs 202-383-7559
Holly Moskerintz Manager, Community Outreach 202-383-1157
Hugh Morris Manager, Smart Growth 202-383-1278
Ian Roach Federal Policy Analyst 202-383-1106
Jack Greacen Political Representative 202-383-1009
Jackie Zaporowski Specialist, RPAC Fundraising 202-383-1029
Jamison Huff Executive Assistant, State and Local Services and Advocacy Operations 202-383-1108
Jim MacGregor Director, Advocacy Communications and Mobilization 202-383-1188
Joe Harris Director, Federal Legislative and Political Affairs 202-383-1226
Joe Maheady Manager, Issues Mobilization Program 202-383-1006
Joe Ventrone Vice President, Federal Policy and Industry Relations 202-383-1095
John Winston Manager, Campaign Services 202-383-1235
Kathleen LaMarre Senior Executive Assistant 202-383-7560
Ken Fears Senior Policy Representative 202-383-1066
Kristian Hoysradt Political Representative 202-383-1078
Kyle Lambert London Manager, REALTOR® Party Education 202-383-1203
Lauren Facemire Director, RPAC Fundraising 202-383-1080
Lisa Friday Scott Director, Public Advocacy 202-383-1270
Liz Best-Bradford Representative, RPAC Fundraising 202-383-7582
Liz Demorest Manager, RPAC Fundraising 202-383-1061
Lynda Keese Senior Executive Assistant 202-383-1205
Megan Booth Director, Federal Housing, Valuation, Commercial Real Estate Policy & Programs 202-383-1222
Melissa Horn Manager, Online Advocacy 202-383-1026
Mitchell Norton Manager, State and Local Independent Expenditure Programs 202-383-1091
Nia Duggins Business Issues Policy Representative 202-383-1085
Patricia Tarhon Specialist, Advocacy Meetings 202-383-1119
Patrick Wohl Political Representative 202-383-7516
Peter Kelly Director, RPAC Online Fundraising 202-383-7599
Russell Riggs Senior Representative, Environmental and Administrative Regulatory Reform 202-383-1259
Ryan Rusbuldt Federal Legislative Representative 202-383-1196
Sarah Young Director, Real Estate Services and Policy Oversight 202-383-1233
Sehar Siddiqi Representative, Regulatory Policy - Federal Housing 202-383-1176
Shannon McGahn Senior Vice President, Government Affairs 202-383-1045
Susie Helm Vice President, State and Local Services and Advocacy Operations 202-383-1117
Sydney Barron Federal Legislative Representative 202-383-1089
Ted Wright Administrative Associate, Meetings 202-383-1201
Tim Ryan Director, Financial Affairs and Advocacy Budget 202-383-1098
Vanessa Lopez Administrative Coordinator 202-383-7509
Victoria Givens Manager, REALTOR® Mobilization Programs 202-383-1021
Vijay Yadlapati Senior Policy Representative 202-383-1090
Wendy Penn Manager, Housing Opportunity 202-383-7504
Zack Rubin-McCarry Political Representative 202-383-1086



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