Advocacy Group Directory by First Name

Advocacy Group Directory (by functional area)
Advocacy Group Directory (by legislative and regulatory issues)

Name Title Phone
Alexia Smokler Director of Fair Housing Policy and Programs 202-383-1210
Ali Ameri Director, Advocacy Financial Management and Budget 202-383-1097
April Gavin Director, Political Field Operations 202-383-1073
Austin Perez Senior Policy Representative, Insurance Issues 202-383-1046
Brennon Thompson Analyst, Fair Housing Policy and Programs 202-383-1012
Bryan Greene Vice President, Policy Advocacy 202-383-1114
Camille Neal Specialist, Political Advocacy 202-383-1053
Carlyle Smith Representative, RPAC Fundraising Programs 202-383-1234
Chris Christensen Director, Technology Policy 202-383-1116
Christine Windle Director, Community Outreach 202-383-1135
Colette Massengale Senior Policy Representative, Fair Housing Policy 202-383-1008
Darby Thorne Director of Political Compliance 202-383-1026
Daria Dudzinski Political Representative 202-383-1074
Denise Brennen Executive Assistant 202-383-1294
Densay Sengsoulavong Senior Political Representative 202-383-1233
Drew Myers Policy Representative, State and Local Issues 202-383-1072
Emily Newman Manager, Advocacy Communications 202-383-1287
Erin Murphy Director, Consumer Advocacy Outreach 202-383-1079
Erin Stackley Director of Commercial and Policy Oversight 202-383-1150
Evan Liddiard Director, Federal Taxation 202-383-1083
Hannah Dannenfelser Manager, Grants and Resources 202-383-1132
Helen Devlin Vice President, Strategy and Advocacy Operations 202-383-7559
Hugh Morris Manager, Community Development and Growth 202-383-1278
Jacob East Events and Operations Coordinator 202-383-1065
Jami Sims Manager, Political Advocacy 202-383-1221
Jenn Stalzer Director, Advocacy Operations 202-383-1103
Jennifer Nguyen Representative, Major Investor Fundraising 202-383-1268
Jeremy Green Legislative Representative, Government Advocacy and Operations 312-329-8404
Joe Harris Vice President, Government Advocacy 202-383-1226
John Winston Director, State and Local Political Programs 202-383-1235
Jon Waclawski Vice President, Political Advocacy 202-383-1248
Justin Baker Political Representative 202-383-1025
Kathleen LaMarre Senior Executive Assistant 202-383-7560
Kathryn Crenshaw Federal Legislative Representative 202-383-1033
Ken Fears Senior Policy Representative 202-383-1066
Lauren Colicelli Manager, RPAC Fundraising 202-383-1080
Lisa Friday Scott Director, RPAC 202-383-1270
Matt Emery Senior Policy Representative, Financial Services 202-383-1212
Matt Stross Director, Government Advocacy 202-383-1052
Meghan Abboud Manager, Advocacy Events 202-383-1265
Michael Clark Director, RPAC Fundraising and RPAC Events 202-383-1075
Mitchell Norton Manager, State and Local Independent Expenditure Programs 202-383-1091
Mya Walker Analyst, Federal Policy 202-383-1227
Nia Duggins Business Issues Policy Representative 202-383-1085
Patricia Tarhon Manager, Advocacy Events Operations 202-383-1119
Patrick Newton Director, Advocacy Communications and Strategy 202-383-1290
Patrick Wohl Senior Political Representative 202-383-7516
Peter Kelly Director, Fundraising Operations 202-383-7599
Raley Wright Federal Legislative Representative 202-383-1112
Russell Riggs Director of Environmental and Sustainability Policy 202-383-1259
Ryan Rusbuldt Director, Government Advocacy and Operations 202-383-1196
Safiyya Suhaimi Financial Processor, Strategy and Advocacy Operations 202-383-1096
Shannon McGahn Chief Advocacy Officer 202-383-1045
Sydney Barron Director, Government Advocacy 202-383-1089
Ted Wright Coordinator, Advocacy Meetings 202-383-1201
Tory Syrek Manager, Advocacy Media 202-383-1218
Valeria Erostegui Financial Processor, Strategy and Advocacy Operations 202-383-1117
Victoria Givens Manager, REALTOR® Mobilization Programs 202-383-1021
Vijay Yadlapati Director, Government Advocacy 202-383-1090
Zack Rubin-McCarry Director, Disbursements 202-383-1086