Quick Takeaways

  • Make your direct mail marketing campaign more effective by choosing a neighborhood where no one agent is the go-to. Direct mail works wonders to create a hometown feel that so many buyers are looking for, and you can become that agent by choosing the right neighborhood.
  • Stay consistent! It takes time to create relationships, trust, and get responses. On average it takes “8.4 contacts within a 30-day or less timeframe to get people to remember your name.”
  • Make sure your marketing material is typ0 free! Though this may seem like obvious advice, a well-done layout, professional logo, and edited text goes a long way in creating a sense of professionalism.

Source: Direct Mail Marketing Isn’t Dead! Here’s How to Do it Right (Inman, Feb. 28, 2021)

The National Association of REALTORS® has a wealth of information to assist you in choosing the correct visual representations of the REALTOR® brand when sending direct mail. Please see our Membership Marks Manual, download our logos, and consult the Logo & Trademark FAQ – all linked below– if you have any questions.

Direct mail is a tried and true form of communication, but is it still successful in the digital age? All signs point to yes! After decades of too many emails and two years of digital only contact for many, including video call fatigue, a majority of people actually prefer receiving physical mail.  If done correctly, direct mail is also highly targetable and affordable!

See References for more information.

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